Tropical Gardens Landscape has a proven record of irrigation experience in both commercial and residential projects. Whether it be irrigation maintenance or sprinkler repairs, we use only the very best materials, superb customer service, and proven methods to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and the best possible customer experience.

Irrigation Maintenance

We understand how hard it is for a homeowner to find the time to check your irrigation system regularly. Just as you have your vehicle regularly serviced, it is of equal importance to have your irrigation system regularly serviced. In our Florida climate, a few weeks of improper watering can wreak havoc on your lawn and plant material, possibly allowing the demise of your landscape. A poorly maintained system can also waste water unnecessarily, costing you more and depleting our already lowering water reserves.




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Simply brushing up against a sprinkler head or turf rotor with a lawn mower can change the rotation or spray pattern. String trimmers and mowers causing damage to sprinkler heads are a common occurrence and without the proper water coverage, this could mean the difference between a lush, healthy lawn and a brown, dry expanse of weed infested yard. With our Irrigation Maintenance Program, a Tropical Gardens Irrigation Technician will inspect your entire sprinkler system on a regular schedule.



Irrigation Maintenance Program includes:

  1. Inspect Controller, making any adjustments for Daylight Savings Time.
  2. Inspect each Valve operation and Rain Sensor.
  3. Run each zone individually and adjust all sprinkler heads for accurate coverage.
  4. Flag or notate any heads that require replacement.
  5. Calibrate starting time and duration for each zone according to current demands.
  6. Adjust daily watering schedule according to seasonal demands.
  7. Technician will take notes explaining what adjustments and repairs were performed on your system and emailed after each visit.
  8. Any additional repairs needed beyond what is covered on the Maintenance Program are discounted 10% if done on the same site visit (only for those clients with our Bi-Monthly Maintenance Program)

Irrigation Repairs

Is your system not turning on properly or have you noticed a broken sprinkler head? No matter what the issue may be, Tropical Gardens Irrigation Technicians are properly trained and well equipped to handle all of your irrigation repair needs. Our trucks are well stocked with only the highest quality parts and materials available. Irrigation repairs should only be done by a professional. That’s why Tropical Gardens employs and trains only the best. We don’t cut corners and our repairs always have a warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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