Having worked for many companies within the landscape industry throughout his life, Ryan Empey had gathered knowledge from each. This came from a drive and eagerness to learn. From some, he gained insight into the inner workings of the business itself, others he gained experiences in each field.

Ryan wanted nothing more than to learn every facet of his chosen trade. In honesty, Ryan does allude to some of this drive being motivated by higher earnings, but he also enjoyed learning and growing within these companies.

Outside of work, he would take any landscape related certifications, including multiple horticulture courses, and studied entomology (the study of insects) to understand some of the issues that he was seeing in the maintenance industry. In this time, Ryan truly formed an inner love of plant material.

Plants grow and take on a different vision throughout the years. Florida has no real offseason, growth of shrubs can be astonishing to clients at times and the knowledge that Ryan had gleaned over the years helped him in his transition from maintenance to landscape design.
Ryan had enjoyed art since grade school. He always loved to draw and envision the things that he could put to paper. There is a true art to landscape design and the ability to envision the end result, not just at installation but also for the years to come. Ryan began to hone his landscape design skills working under the tutelage of a well-known landscape design firm in Florida.

In 2007, Ryan Empey decided to start Tropical Gardens Landscape with a focus on landscape design and construction.

As the client base began to grow organically through word of mouth, he found a trend with the maintenance companies that the clients were using.
They were great at mowing but had none of the expertise and knowledge of plant material, proper pruning techniques, pest issues, fertilizer licenses and a host of other issues. The clients’ investments became leggy and ill-shaped, nutrient deficient and pest-ridden in a rather short period of time.

Most of these clients had a mowing/trimming company, a separate irrigation company and also a fertilization/weed control company. None of these companies had a clear line of communication with each other. This is where their problems originated.

Ryan felt the need to offer the best, all inclusive, in-house maintenance company in Sarasota. He quickly began to assemble a team of like-minded individuals, the best at their craft.

The Tropical Gardens Landscape Maintenance Teams know the proper way to prune (not trimming everything with a hedge trimmer- there’s a time and a place for that!) and what to look for with disease and insect issues. When the irrigation is not functioning, the teams notice and can make any adjustments as needed.

This has alleviated a vast problem with maintenance in the Sarasota area.

Tropical Gardens Landscape wants to design, renovate and construct the outdoor space of your dreams. Your outdoor living space should be an enjoyable, relaxing space for years to come!


To provide the greater Sarasota area with a full spectrum of landscaping services through relationships built on unparalleled professionalism, the highest quality of work and a commitment to enhancing the beauty, value, and function of our clients’ landscapes.

To provide safe work environments for our employees by providing the most efficient, highest quality equipment and tools, as well as the proper training necessary to complete work safely.

To provide meaningful and long-term employment to all of the management and team members. We are a team-oriented, family atmosphere and we recognize the hard work contribution of our teams.

For Tropical Gardens Landscape to fulfill our mission, we continue to strive to:

  • Develop relationships with our clients and employees
  • Help our clients to understand what we do and why we do them
  • Provide long-term solutions to our clients
  • Continually meet and exceed our clients’ expectations
  • Train our teams to work safely and efficiently


Every service that we provide to our clients is rooted in Exceptional Quality, World Class Service and Integrity. We will always do exactly what we say we will.


Our core values are what supports our vision, shapes the culture and reflects what we value as a company. Our values are the essence of our identity. Core values play a major role in the recruitment and retention of our great team members.

  • Attitude – positive attitudes are the key to creating positive outcomes.
  • Integrity – we adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values.
  • Pride – we are motivated by the highest standards of quality.
  • Passion – we continue to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Ownership – we are accountable for quality and timeliness.

At Tropical Gardens Landscape, we strive to exceed excellence in everything that we do.