Coming home to a well-lit landscape after a hard day's work is a nice wrap-up to your day. Landscape lighting has become both a necessity and a style statement, offering safety aspects and a cozy ambiance. The latest outdoor lighting trends include smart lights, colored lights, hidden light fixtures, and linear lighting. These new trends have paved the way to a safe and stylish landscape. Continue reading to learn more about the four latest trends in landscape lighting.

1. Energy-Efficient Smart Lights

Some energy efficient smart lightbulbs ready to be installed in Sarasota, FL.

Smart lights use technology that allows you to control your lighting system from your phone or tablet. It is more functional because your lights operate on artificial intelligence that you control through an application on your phone. You can adjust the brightness and color of your lights as well as turn them on and off all from the comfort of your favorite spot.

LED lights are also often involved in the latest smart lights technology. These are energy-efficient lights that consume about 75% less energy than the usual incandescent bulbs. Homeowners can save more on their electricity bills with LED lights, along with many other benefits.

2. Transformative Colored Lights

Colorful lighting installed along some white lights on a landscape in Siesta Key, FL.

Aside from festive holiday lighting, colored lights are also now a trend for your everyday outdoor lighting. Color-changing light technology can highlight your favorite landscape features. You can accent a shrub or a tree's lush green leaves with green-colored lights or emphasize your outdoor alcove with your favorite color. Studies have shown that transformative colored lights can also affect your mood. Blue, for example, can encourage calmness and boost productivity, while green is associated with peace and refreshment.

3. Hidden Light Fixtures

Hidden light fixtures installed in a landscape bed to complement foliage in Lido Key, FL.

Hidden light fixtures are the best way to showcase a spot on your landscape without staring at the actual fixture. We recommend using recessed lighting because it can light up a wider area. Homeowners also love hiding their light fixtures because it creates a nice, clean look.

There are many possibilities when deciding where to add your landscape lighting. Here are some great hiding places for your light fixtures:

  • Under the benches on your patio
  • Along your patio roof
  • On your garage door
  • On stairways and pathways

4. Linear Lighting

Linear lighting installed alongside a patio at a home in Longboat Key, FL.

Another great landscape lighting trend is linear lighting. It involves long lights that are perfect on your pathways and stairways. Functionality meets style with linear lighting since it can elegantly light up stairways, helping to avoid any accidents. It also outlines the hard edges of your landscape giving it a sleek, contemporary look. Linear lights also elongate your space which is good for small and narrow areas.

Linear lights can be installed along pathways, stairways, and even around your retaining walls and pools. It is critical to light up your stairwell because keeping it in the dark may pose the risk of falling or tripping. We recommend running the lights across the bottom of each step to provide ample light to you or your visitors.

Linear lights are very flexible during installation, allowing them to be placed almost anywhere.

Did any of these trends catch your eye? Schedule our landscape lighting services today!

Landscape lighting has been catching up with technology and design trends, and so should you! Installing outdoor lighting while considering these latest trends can power up your curb appeal, highlight special features on our landscape, and also improve safety around your house.

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