There are many ways to care for your lawn, but there is no one true right or wrong way to maintain a healthy lawn. The most important thing you need is discipline to constantly care for your lawn with a regimented fertilization and weed control program. At Tropical Gardens Landscape, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and attention to detail. Our licensed lawn care experts know how to maintain healthy lawns for your Florida homes. If you want a beautiful lawn, but cannot spend the time maintaining your fertilizer and weed control, get in touch with us now! We would love to keep your home or business’ grass looking lush and green.

Weed Control Basics

Weeds can easily choke out your grass and other plants on your property. Finding a weed control program that works for you will allow you to have a weed-free lawn, increase the drought tolerance of your grass, make your lawn have a lush green appearance, promote healthy root growth, replenish nutrients and enrich your soil, and fight disease in your plants. If you have a lot of large weeds, it is a good idea to start by manually removing them. Many weeds can easily be pulled up by hand, but if their roots are deep, you might need to use a trowel to help dig out the roots and completely remove the weed.

After the large weeds are pulled, it is smart to use herbicides to kill any remaining weeds and keep your lawn safe from recurrences. Some companies or products recommend treatment on your entire lawn, but we have not found a need to do anything aside from spot-treat the affected areas.

Fertilization Basics

When you are developing a fertilization program for your lawn, it is important to consider the following factors:

Minerals required for turf growth and development

  • Natural soil fertility
  • Fertilizer selection
  • Turf or grass species
  • Environmental management conditions
  • Frequency and application schedule

These components are important to create the best possible treatment plan for your lawn, and help you to keep your grass thick and colorful all year long. If you choose to work with Tropical Gardens Landscape, we have been studying and testing the Florida soils for years, and have come up with fertilization plans that will benefit any kind of grass.

Services from Tropical Gardens Landscape

It can be difficult to find time to keep your turf and shrubbery in good condition, so we offer full services to help you out. Find some of our options below, and let us make your home or business look incredible all year long!

Tree and Shrub Package

If you have ornamental shrubs like hibiscus, ixora, jatropha, and viburnum, they are all in danger of being attacked by common pests. Most insects in Sarasota can be categorized into two categories: those with chewing mouthparts, and those with piercing-sucking mouthparts. Both kinds can cause harm to your plants, but our technicians will monitor your landscape during each checkup to spot and treat infestations early and efficiently.

We use a custom-blended, slow-release fertilizer that has been made specifically for both palms and ornamental plants to deliver time-released nutrients that will help your palm trees and ornamental plants receive the nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and iron they need.

Fungus and Disease Treatment

Turf can become infected with fungal diseases. Brown spots can pop up in the winter months as the temperatures drop below optimal growing degrees. If there is excessive rainfall or too much irrigation that cause your grass to be continually wet, it can promote fungus growth. The fungus can spread very quickly if you don’t have a plan for prevention and attack. Tropical Gardens has developed a great plan to prevent fungus before it starts and combat it if it has begun to take over.

Insect Protection

Insect treatment and protection comes with all of the weed and fertilization control packages we offer! We want to effectively treat your lawn in all ways to keep it healthy, and all of the fertilizer and weed control would be wasted if there were constant bugs feasting on your luscious greenery.

When you need effective weed control and fertilizer treatments for your home or business in Florida, get in touch with Tropical Gardens Landscape. Our experienced technicians look forward to helping you make your grass as beautiful and inviting as possible. Contact us today!