Patios are places where people tend to gather to spend time outdoors, so it only makes sense that you should choose a pattern that you love and will make your patio stand out. Five popular paver pattern ideas that you can consider for your patio are ashlar, herringbone, pinwheel, basketweave, and running bond. You can use these patterns to create a strikingly beautiful patio. Ultimately, which one you choose all comes down to your style and preference. Keep reading and let's take a look at these paver pattern ideas that you can use for your patio in Florida!

1. Ashlar

Ashlar pattern patio in Sarasota, FL.

The Ashlar paver pattern is an intricate design that uses pavers of different shapes and sizes, laying them down in a pattern that almost looks random. However, it's not. This pattern primarily avoids long lines and steers away from making 4 corners of pavers meet, creating a good structure for your patio.

Because of the elaborate installation process, this popular paving pattern creates an interesting visual appeal that can add character to your patio and the rest of your outdoor space. While most patterns typically use large pieces of paver that can sometimes look dull and monotonous, the Ashlar pattern breaks away from this type of scene.

2. Herringbone

Herringbone pattern for patio in Sarasota, FL.

If you are looking for a paver pattern that will give your patio a timeless look, herringbone is the way to go. The herringbone pattern involves laying down rectangular pavers in a zigzag pattern, either diagonally or at a 90-degree angle. Many property owners love this pattern because it creates an eye-catching and classic aesthetic that can make your patio look gorgeous for years to come.

The herringbone pattern is one of the sturdiest patterns, giving you a patio that can hold a lot of weight and withstand the test of time.

3. Pinwheel

Pinwheel pattern patio in Longboat Key, FL.

The pinwheel paver pattern is another intricate pattern created by laying down 4 pavers in a circular pattern to mimic the look of a pinwheel. This is best done by experts since installation is a bit tricky and challenging. However, the result is totally worth it! The pinwheel pattern delivers beautiful results and will give you a patio that can complement your property's aesthetic.

4. Basketweave

As the name implies, the basketweave pattern mirrors the appearance of a woven basket. The design is formed using pairs of pavers that are laid down horizontally and vertically, making it look like each pair of pavers is woven into each other. There are different variations to the basketweave pattern, allowing you to be as detailed as you want. You can also explore using a different color for each pair to create some contrast between each "weave" to give your patio a unique character.

5. Running Bond

Running bond patio pattern in Sarasota, FL.

One of the most popular paver patterns for patios is the running bond. Pavers are arranged horizontally, staggering each layer, so the joint of the layer above falls right in the middle of the next layer. This is a favorite choice among property owners because the running bond pattern creates a clean and simple look that is also timeless.

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