The filters in an irrigation system can be of utmost importance, especially if you are on reclaimed or are drawing from a pond. Filters are there to protect your investment.

A lot of the new communities being built in the Sarasota and Manatee County areas are drawing the irrigation water from ponds. This can be a problem, as dirt, debris and sand will eventually get pushed through the system and end up in your valves and sprinkler heads. Not only can this cause a valve to stick, but mostly will clog the spray head nozzle and not allow any water to flow, creating a need for repairs.

Tropical Gardens Landscape has a solution that is not the usual unsightly inline filter application. I am sure you have seen what most have utilized for an inline irrigation filtration system. The unsightly pvc contraption sticking out of the ground nearly 2 feet with a cleanable, reusable filter. Well, most people have found that it’s so ugly and have been covering them with a fake rock!

Our solution is completely underground and yet still easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning of the filter. No more fake rock sticking up in the middle of your yard!

Contact us today for a quote on a completely hidden, easily accessible, inline irrigation filtration system.