St. Augustine Turfgrass

Most residential and commercial properties in the area with irrigated turf stands will have one of the many varieties of St. Augustine. This has been considered the standard turfgrass in Florida for many years. This grass has had many pest issues over the years along with its higher water requirements, that has led homeowners to search for alternative sod.

Zoysia Turfgrass

Although some have voiced Zoysia in Florida to be “drought tolerant and insect resistant”, this is not actually the case. As with any grass variety, there are certain pest issues and water requirements. We have found our Empire Zoysia lawns to remain beautiful with half the water requirements of St. Augustine. If on city water, this can be a great offset to the monthly water bill! The pest issues are still there unfortunately. Instead of grubs, mole crickets and sod webworms, there still has been some hunting billbug issues as well as fungus problems. These problems are all easily remedied with proper care by a licensed pest control company.

Bahia Turfgrass

This type of turfgrass has been for years the go to for right of ways, medians and often used by commercial builders. Although used in certain residential applications, it’s non-lateral growth habits makes this turf more prone to weed infestations and thinning. Only recommended residential application would be non-irrigated lawns.

Any sod replacement that Tropical Gardens performs is treated with an initial fungicide, insecticide and fertilization treatment. It is recommended that monthly treatment is continued as a preventative measure to pest problems and fungus issues. Fertilization requirements are relatively close between all varieties for health and proper growth.