If you want a professionally manicured lawn, then you need to take the time to mow it on a regular basis, as a regular mowing schedule will prevent undue stress and allow your turf to look its best. That being said, there’s more to properly caring for your lawn than just mowing it consistently. Our lawn mowing experts are highly trained in the practices and techniques required to maintain a luscious, beautiful yard. For example, we stagger our mowing pattern, line trim around flower beds, trees, fences, and other obstacles in the lawn, edge along concrete surfaces, and we always blow off your sidewalks and driveway. Our commitment to quality lawn mowing service doesn’t stop when we are done mowing your lawn — we meticulously maintain our equipment by cleaning our mowing decks and sharpening the mower blades consistently so that we deliver a perfect cut with each service.

Tropical Gardens Landscape offers weekly lawn mowing services in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Bird Key, Casey Key, Lido Key, and Longboat Key. Get in touch with us for an estimate!

Lawn Mowing Services Included With Our Full-Service Property Maintenance:

Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

Tropical Gardens Landscape has been providing lawn mowing services in Sarasota since 2007. As just one example of our dedication to quality, we mulch the clippings into the lawn instead of bagging them up, as this is actually healthier for the grass. Grass clippings are mainly made up of water and contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are found in fertilizer. Mulch mowing can provide one-third of the annual fertilization needs of your lawn each year and does not contribute to excessive thatch build up when mowed weekly. This, in turn, allows you to maintain a healthy lawn without spending as much on fertilizer.

Flowerbed Weed Control

Nobody wants weeds in a flower bed. Proper weed control performed within mulch and stone flower beds and pavement, sidewalk, paver joints and cracks on a regular basis is the key to a beautiful, weed-free property. Our highly trained landscapers hand-pull weeds as needed and apply herbicide applications within all flower bed areas. Weed control is always most effective with a thick layer of mulch, and Tropical Gardens Landscape can help you apply a high-quality mulch on an annual basis.

Landscape Trimming and Pruning

All bushes, shrubs, hedges, and ornamental plantings need to be trimmed and pruned on a regular basis according to our Sarasota area seasonal growth demands. At Tropical Gardens Landscape, trimming is always done according to the guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Agriculture; however, special arrangements can always be made. Our package includes bi-weekly raking and waste disposal at an approved landscape waste recycling facility.

Proper pruning techniques are always used on your property, as pruning is nothing short of an art! At Tropical Gardens Landscape, we sterilize all of our pruning equipment prior to pruning the next shrub grouping, particularly when fungal diseases are known to be present. All of our shrub trimming crew members are certified both as Horticulture Technicians and Landscape Maintenance Technicians through Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA).

At Tropical Gardens, we feel pruning and trimming is an art. Improper pruning can harm the overall health of your beautiful investment.