Lawn Grub Control

Tropical Gardens cares about more than just getting rid of the weeds in your lawn. We want to also keep White Grubs away from your lawn and home. Keeping your home free of White Grubs is as important as insurance! Tropical Gardens Landscape provides homeowners with grub control services in the Manatee and Sarasota County areas.

Turfgrass Grub Control

Successful lawn grub control is based on the identification and a keen understanding of the life cycle and biology of the insect. Tropical Gardens Landscape is the best choice for a long-term, environmentally sound and sustainable approach to controlling grub growth. Timely, preventative treatments is the best insurance for your sod and shrubs.  Here is an image of a white grub; please be aware that these are a common issue in Florida Turfgrasses.

Preventative grub treatments in conjunction with a pest control program will always be cheaper and more cost-effective.  Oftentimes, we receive calls from property owners that their lawn has been destroyed by grubs.  To repair these lawns, sometimes can cost in the thousands of dollars.