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Irrigation Services in Sarasota, Siesta Key, & Longboat Key, FL area

Help keep your lawn healthy throughout the year long with our professional irrigation maintenance and repair services.

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An irrigation system installed and watering flowers by a home in Siesta Key, FL.

Irrigation maintenance and repair services for properties in Sarasota, FL, and nearby cities.

We provide irrigation system maintenance and repair services for residential and commercial properties.

Exposed irrigation pipes being installed by a home in Siesta Key, FL.

Landscape sprinklers have complex systems that need to be periodically inspected and maintained in order to remain effective. Like any system that's continuously being used, irrigation systems can become worn down and in need of new parts from time to time. If maintenance and repair needs are neglected, your lawn can potentially become underwatered or overwatered due to uneven zones or broken sprinkler heads. Our experienced team members will ensure your irrigation system is always in excellent condition so your lawn will remain healthy in dormancy and green in the growing season!

Our company offers professional sprinkler maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial properties in the Sarasota, FL area. We also service properties in Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and Lido Key, FL.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

In Florida, an efficient sprinkler system is a must because of our extremely warm and sunny climate. During the summer months, the heat from the sun can especially be detrimental to our lawns. To keep your grass from drying out, it's essential to have your irrigation system routinely inspected and maintained. Our team members are highly knowledgeable on the working parts, functions, and overall system of sprinklers. We can also adjust your sprinkler's watering schedule to comply with the frequent water restrictions that the State of Florida will issue during season changes.

During maintenance services, we will manually test the system for accurate water flow and watering zones, look for buried sprinkler heads, and ensure all timers and sensors are in working condition. We follow an extensive checklist when inspecting your irrigation system to make sure no issue is accidentally overlooked. In doing this we prevent your lawn from having brown patches, dry areas, and uneven watering zones.

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Sprinkler System Repairs

If the water from your sprinkler system is shooting straight into the air or you're starting to notice yellow patches in your lawn, one or more parts of your irrigation system most likely needs to be repaired. Our team of experts has been repairing irrigation systems for over a decade, so you can be sure we're knowledgeable on sprinkler parts and malfunctions. The most common sprinkler repairs that we see among Florida homeowners are broken sprinkler heads, defective rain censors, leaky pipes, and damaged timers. These malfunctions can cause changes in water pressure, sputtering sprinkler heads, and dripping valves.

We check all of these areas with our detailed 7-point tune-up process. Our tune-ups involve resetting timers, inspecting lines for leaks, checking valves and sprinkler heads, and looking for other possible system malfunctions. Once we're sure that all irrigation parts are fixed and properly working, we'll make sure your entire lawn is being watered effectively. We do this by adding sprinkler heads to lines and raising or lowering sprinkler heads.

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Be proactive. Let us service your sprinkler system now to avoid problems later.

Our experienced irrigation technicians are highly trained on the ins and outs of sprinkler system parts and functions. We're always thorough and pay attention to small details that are extremely important to the overall condition of the system. We offer our services to homes and properties in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, & Lido Key, FL. Give us a call at (941) 993-2442 to schedule an irrigation service today!