Expert Sprinkler Repair Technicians

Tropical Gardens Landscape has more 15 years of experience in the sprinkler repair industry, and we are proud to be the area’s leading sprinkler repair company. Our sprinkler technicians are licensed, highly trained specialists capable of diagnosing and repairing every component of your sprinkler system. Our service vehicles are stocked with a wealth of sprinkler heads, valves, fittings and timers to make your sprinkler system repair go smoothly while respecting your time.

Our Sprinkler Repair Services Include:

  • Complete sprinkler system checkup
  • ‍Identifying and repairing coverage problems
  • ‍Locating and repairing sprinkler leaks
  • ‍Replacing broken sprinklers or nozzles
  • ‍Repairing broken sprinkler fittings and pipes
  • ‍Repairing or replacing the controller
  • ‍Repairing broken wires and solenoids
  • ‍Repairing and/or replacing electric valves
  • ‍Replacing or repairing rain sensors
  • ‍Raising or lowering sprinklers
  • ‍Repairing or adding drip irrigation
  • ‍Replacing or repairing the shut-off valve
  • ‍Replacing or repairing the backflow preventer
  • ‍Adding sprinkler heads
  • ‍Adding zones to existing systems
  • ‍Identifying and repairing issues with low pressure


Irrigation Repairs

Is your system not turning on properly, or have you noticed a broken sprinkler head? No matter what the issue may be, the technicians at Tropical Gardens are properly trained and thoroughly equipped to handle all of your irrigation system repair needs. Our trucks are stocked with only high-quality parts and materials, allowing us to complete our jobs quickly. Irrigation repairs should only be performed by a professional, and that’s why Tropical Gardens employs and trains only the best. We don’t cut corners, and our repairs always have a warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Troubleshooting a sprinkler system is a step-by-step process. Some of the questions you may want to ask include:

  • Is your water bill too high?
  • Does your lawn have brown spots?
  • Is your system timer malfunctioning?
  • Do you have low or no pressure?
  • Does the system switch between zones as scheduled?
  • Does your pump lose prime periodically?
  • Is your timer set to the allowable schedule according to local water use restrictions?
  • Do you need to re-route your system around a new pool or patio?
  • Do you need to alter your system to provide better coverage?
  • Is your lawn company always breaking your heads?

Regardless of the problem, rest assured that we’ll help you find a solution!

We offer a seven-point irrigation tune-up for just $75. Contact our Sarasota landscaping company to schedule an appointment!

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