Have you ever been driving through a neighborhood at night and seen how beautiful houses are when they are well-lit with proper landscape lighting? Outdoor lighting highlights a home and gives the home’s night time landscape a life of it’s own. Landscape Lighting also has more practical purposes as they add both safety and security to the home. Proper lighting helps family and guest find their way in the dark and helps prevent unnecessary injuries. Statistics show a well-lit home discourages would be burglars, that are three times more likely to break into an unlit home.

Landscape lighting offers many benefits including home security and personal safety. Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home and truly transforms the look of your home at night. We can illuminate you pathways, flowerbeds, patio, pool areas as well as up light your home or trees.

Designing Your Lighting System

We start by making a plan to place the fixtures in the best possible locations to properly light your home and property, using the proper amount of lights. This is an important point, as using fewer strong lights can give your home a stark and ghostly appearance, while using more lights that draw less power, can give your home and landscape a nice warm even lighting that is inviting and complementary. We also utilize lamps that are designed for outdoor weather and will stand the test of time. Improper use of exposed light bulbs, will allow the bulbs to get wet, and eventually crack.

On and Off

Once we have a nice landscape lighting scheme in place, we tie it all together with a timer system, or light sensors to switch your lighting on and off at the right times. Never come home at night to a dark home and feel unsafe getting to your own front door. Instead come home to a well-lit home, inviting you, your family, and guests into it’s warm abode. Contact us today and find out how we can deliver the landscape lighting that fits both your home and your budget.

Want A Landscape Lighting Demo?

We offer a 48 Hour landscape lighting demo where we come out and install our high quality display lights so you can see what they look like on your property. To request your lighting demo simply fill out the form below:

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