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Tropical Gardens Warranty

Tropical Gardens Landscape stands behind the products and services provided at your property. If you have questions or need immediate assistance please call our office at 941-993-2442 today.

landscape warranty

At Tropical Gardens Landscape, we pride ourselves insourcing only the highest grade plant material throughout the entire State of Florida. Having spent the past 15 years building relationships with the premier plant and palm growers, not only do we know the best source for popular plant,palm and tree material, we know where to get the unusual specimens that most landscape companies struggle to find. Since most of our material is sourced personally by the owner of Tropical Gardens Landscape, Ryan Empey, we have become the leader in the Sarasota County area for high quality plant material.

We follow a strict guideline for our selection of FloridaFancy plant material as specified in the Florida Grades and Standards forNursery Plants.

Tropical Gardens Landscape guarantees that our work will be done as specified and completed in a work men-like manner according to standard practices. Any material installed will be as specified and any replacement material that results in an extra cost will be executed ONLY UPON WRITTEN CHANGE ORDER and will become an extra charge over and above the original quote.

For a period of 90 days from date of installation, TropicalGardens Landscape will provide a warranty on the following items:

Shrubs and Groundcovers

Palm Trees

Accent trees

Hardwood trees


This warranty DOES NOT include damage caused by freezing, improper drainage or maintenance practices, lack of an automatic irrigation system, pedestrian/vehicle traffic,theft/vandalism, erosion, neglect, washouts, disease, destruction by animals,results of an improper grade (either by natural precipitation or damage caused by man-made practices), natural disasters and acts of God, such as hurricanes,freezes, floods and drought, etc. It also does not cover plant damage caused by customer-requested soil amounts that are less than what is recommended.


Not included in this warranty are:

Hardscapes, Brick Pavers, Stone, Boulders, Pebbles, or Glass


Mulches (Hardwood or Rubber)







Transplanted Plant Material

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