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Patio Installation & Replacement in Sarasota, Siesta Key, & Longboat Key, FL area

Adding a paver patio to your landscape creates the perfect outdoor living space to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

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New large paver patio installed at a property in Longboat Key, FL.

Replace your outdated patio or install a new one in the Sarasota area, including in Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and Lido Key.

Custom patio installation and replacements add usable space to your outdoor living area to provide you with functionality as well as aesthetic beauty!

New paver patio installed in the back yard of a clients home located in Sarasota, FL.

If you are tired of looking at stained or cracked concrete, then a replacement paver installation is a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance option to consider. A well-designed and properly installed patio can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home or business, create landscape focal points, and increase the value of your property.

Tropical Gardens Landscape specializes in paver patio installation services that can be designed to accent any outdoor living space. Paver patios can be stand-alone or combined with part of an outdoor kitchen, firepit or fireplace, or new driveway! Schedule a consultation with a team member to get started building your new patio for your home or commercial property in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and surrounding Florida areas.

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Installing a paver patio on your property provides you with a place to soak up the Florida sun and the perfect spot to watch the sunset!

No one can beat the natural beauty and tranquility of living near Florida beaches. The weather is unbeatable and our infamous sunsets are incomparable to other places in the world. With a new outdoor patio, you don't miss out for a second on the chance to enjoy one of the biggest perks of living in Florida!

From a practical standpoint, paver patios don’t crack, are cost-effective, durable, and can be easily replaced if they become stained. Aesthetically, they enhance the beauty of any outdoor area and can be used to create the perfect outdoor living area with built-in seating and integrated arbors. If you can imagine it, our Sarasota landscaping experts can build it!

We carry a wide variety of building materials to give your new patio a tropical look that perfectly matches the Florida feel and style!

Concrete decorative paver patio installed at a home in Siesta Key, FL.

Florida properties just seem to naturally have that tropical and relaxed feeling to them. You should have a patio to match this style! Our paver materials come in all shapes and colors so your patio is unique and styled to your personal preference.

Take a look at some of the material options we offer at Tropical Gardens Landscape for designing your paver patio:

  • Concrete Pavers - A concrete paver patio is one of our more affordable options for property owners looking for a simple and clean design. These pavers are easy to install, slip-resistant, and resilient to getting cracked or split.
  • Travertine - Travertine is a natural stone that's commonly used for outdoor hardscapes. It's considered to be a luxury material like marble and granite with the same overall benefits as well. Travertine is extremely durable and porous, allowing for quick drying and good drainage. Even with the Florida sun beating down on it, travertine pavers are cool to walk on, making it a popular choice for property owners!
  • Oolite stone - This coral stone holds enough tropical appeal for any Florida lover wanting to have a little bit of the beach in their own backyard! We get our oolite stone from the Miami-Dade area where this material is most prevalent! It typically comes in either white, grey, or a beige-yellow.
  • Keystone - The most distinctive feature of keystone is the different ways this stone can be cut. Keystone pavers can be cut to a perfect square or have a more squiggled outline for extra flair and style. The material has a beautiful, sleek finish, resembling the appearance of glass. Now when you have guests visiting, you can show off your custom paver patio made of limestone straight out of the Florida Keys!
  • Coralina stone - Our other coral stone option is native to the Dominican Republic and gives off one of the most luxurious and elegant looks of all the other building materials. Just like the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, coralina stone colors range from gold, white, beige, ivory, and cream. The coral is cool under your feet and does not become super slippery when wet. Coralina paver's natural beauty is eye-catching and turns any outdoor patio into a spectacular display.

All of our limestone materials can be cut using our water saw into any size or shape you'd like!

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Get as much use out of your property in Florida as you can with a custom paver patio from Tropical Gardens Landscape!

Why live in Florida if you're just going to spend time indoors? We create outdoor living spaces that leave clients speechless and practically running outside to enjoy their new patio! Outdoor patios are a worthwhile investment for any residential, commercial, or HOA property in the Sarasota area, even in islands like Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and Lido Key.

Call us now at (941) 993-2442 so our team can design and install a custom paver patio that will provide you with years of entertainment and relaxation!