What exactly is perimeter pest control you ask? It is simply a method of pest control designed to create a barrier around the home to repel insects and other pests, preventing them from infiltrating into your home.

Spiders, mites, crickets, roaches and millipedes are some of the insects for which perimeter pest control is effective. Perimeter pest control can also help keep landscaping and lawns directly surrounding the house clear of plant-eating insects. Methods of perimeter pest control include an insect spray that is harmless to grass and soil, odorless and is applied outdoors.
At Tropical Gardens Landscape, we understand the necessity of conservation and the responsibility that we have to work with nature and not against it. Simply put, we feel we have an obligation to uphold the highest standards in treatments regarding the life cycles of living creatures. We feel that if we can be preventative by warding off pests rather than killing them off, then this is a very good method of treatment.
With perimeter pest control we are able to create this buffer and stop infestations before they start. This helps to eliminate the need for heavy blanket applications of insecticides to foliage plants and soil in the future. This allows the plants and beneficial insects to thrive and add value to the landscaping and soil, just as Mother Nature intended.