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Sod Installation in Sarasota, Siesta Key, & Longboat Key, FL area

New sod installation for customers located in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and nearby areas in Florida.

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Our team installing new sod at a home in Longboat Key, FL.

Transform your property in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key,and surrounding Florida areas by installing new sod.

Sod is the best option to create a new lawn. Often times seeding is not an option because of the amount of time germination takes and the unpredictable results.

New sod installed around landscaping at a home in Sarasota, FL.

If you’re looking for a beautiful lawn, sod is the best way to achieve that dream. Unlike planting grass seed that gives unpredictable results and takes a substantial amount of time for germination, sod can instantly transform your property from dirt to a lush, green landscape. However, choosing the correct type of sod to grow in the Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Longboat Key, FL climate, and properly installing it is essential for a healthy lawn.

We specialize in sod installation and lawn care services in the local Sarasota, FL area. Whether you own a home or a business, it’s essential to choose a sod replacement service with the experience and expertise to help you select the right sod for your property.

What Are the Benefits of Sod?

Sod is a grass that has been grown on a farm. The sod is harvested along with about an inch or so of topsoil. It is cut into squares and rolled out like a carpet to create a lawn.

Sod has solid roots because it’s grown in high-quality and well-fertilized soil. That rich soil is included when sod is used for lawn replacement. If properly installed, sod offers many benefits that include:

  • Reduced erosion: The U.S. Geological Survey reports that sod is at least 15 times more effective at preventing erosion than seed grass. A sod installation service can place it on hills and slopes.
  • Limits irrigation: Sod requires less maintenance than grass seed. A newly seeded lawn needs to be watered at least four times a day to help it germinate.
  • Creates a beautiful landscape instantly: Unlike a seeded lawn, which can take up to 18 months to grow, a sod lawn will transform a yard the day it’s installed. It roots quickly and is typically ready for regular use within three weeks.

What is the best sod for your lawn?

New sod on pallets ready for installation at a commercial property.

Because sod comes with established roots, we can install it at any time of year in Florida. There are many different types of sod, some of which grow better in warm climates than in cool weather. We install only two types of sod:

  • St. Augustine: It can withstand scorching temperatures and salty soil. We use ProVista and Floratam in full sun areas and Palmetto and Bitterblue for shaded areas.
  • Empire Zoysia: Resistant to heat and drought, it’s very hardy and stands up to heavy wear and tear.

Our team can lay a sod lawn in less than a day. The steps for sod installation include:

  • Test the health of the soil on your property and add nutrients if necessary
  • Eliminate old grass and weeds
  • Level the area and remove old roots
  • Unroll turf sod firmly into place and irrigate

After installation, your new sod will need proper care.

Sod is much easier to maintain than seeded grass. Following sod installation, these are the most important ways to sustain sod:

  • Watering: For the first two weeks, water sod twice a day to help establish the root system. Following that, water once a day.
  • Mowing: Mow new sod after roots are established, about two to three weeks after installation.
  • Fertilization and weed treatments: Our team know exactly what your new sod needs. We offer regular fertilization and weed control programs.

If you use a professional sod installation service, turf sod will root and thrive quickly. Sod will last for decades if properly maintained. However, we can easily replace sections of unhealthy sod if necessary.

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